Customer experience

Manchester Airport

How can we understand how a customer feels as they go through the airport process?

Employ skilled experts in body language to understand the customer psychology and key drivers of spending in airports. This allows us to identify passenger groups with similar characteristics which highlight how needs vary from trip to trip.

Body Shop


Maremagnum Barcelona

How can we create excitement around a destination?

Hijack the city's annual La Merce Festival to make it the centerpiece for our launch event. Launch an innovative boutique concept as a popup and bring the highly acclaimed Pulgas Mix Event to our site.


Metquarter Liverpool

How can we increase advocacy for a centre?

Exclusive VIP shopping nights only available to invitees from the customer database. Build ongoing relationships with initial focus group attendees resulting in these customers opening the centre and being the first in to shop. Create Metthink, a unique task force made up of local movers and shakers who vetted the marcoms initiatives prior to execution.

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