Technology has for some time now revolutionised the way we shop but owners, developers and retailers themselves have not necessarily fully embraced the potential of harnessing the power of technology to enhance the customer experience and drive additional sales and loyalty.

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Milligan and Living PlanIT have been collaborating closely for over a decade and recently formed a strategic alliance, PlanIT Retail; continuing our mission to harness technology and create smarter retail solutions.

Technology at The Mailbox

Harnessing technology to really enhance customer experience

Embracing the connected customer, personalising their experience and providing end-to-end engagement

Truly understanding them and delivering what they want, when they want

The Mailbox App

An intelligent app, which asks for your preferences and learns from your actions

Developing a deep and rich understanding of customers

Creating the ability to offer genuinely bespoke content, offers and overall service

Driving loyalty and spend 

We can identify our most valuable customers

Get to know their spending habits and preferences

Offer personalised rewards to customers

Loyalty scheme built into the full retail experience, overcoming barriers and friction


Technology has helped future-proof the building and brand, ensuring it can stay competitive

The Mailbox will become a truly intelligent space understanding who is in it, what they are up to and even what they are likely to do next

This is the luxury shopping experience people will come to expect

London City Airport

Working with Living PlanIT at London City Airport the focus was making the airport more user friendly and enhancing the customer journey.









“LCY partnered with Milligan, Living PlanIT and the UK Technology Strategy Board to explore how the emergent Internet of Things could be used to facilitate and improve passenger flows.” Declan Collier, CEO at LCY, International Airport Review, 2016.


As a result of working together on the projects, Milligan and Living PlanIT received a £0.8m grant from the UK Government, now Innovate UK. 

Milligan and Living PlanIT have recently launched an innovation fund with the intention of raising a further £10m from industry partners and investors.

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