Adrienne Jones

Consultant - Insight and Customer Engagement

Adrienne leads all our research work. No one is more interested in what makes people tick. She is good at listening, likes exploring ‘what ifs’ and keeps going back to ask more questions.

Dry data collection and impact analysis are not for her. ‘Too many retail developers and asset managers do research just to say that they’ve done it. If you’re not going to use the research, don’t bother doing it’ she says. She sets up and monitors the right systems so that she can see the impact of an event held the day before.

She knows when an increase in footfall led to more sales and where it didn’t; where it resulted in increased loyalty and engagement and particularly whether we reached our target customers.  Working closely with the onsite marketing teams she helps to focus and refine the marketing effort. Adrienne believes that 'there are always things we can improve.’ Tenants quickly realise her value.

Before joining Milligan, Adrienne was an associate partner at Jones Lang LaSalle. She worked with retailers to test new concepts for shopping spaces, identified gaps in the market researched and leased optimal tenant mix strategies including Victoria Quarter Leeds.

Her career also includes consumer research for Mars and Black & Decker, and retail management and store location for Sainsbury’s.