Sep 30, 2019
Sep 30, 2019
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“Our business might be property, but our bias should always be people. There is chaos in the retail property world, yet consumers are happy because they are being served. THEY are defining the terms. They expect their needs and their wants to be served. Where value serves the need, experience serves the want and is much more emotive. This emotive world of wants is full of micro-moments, instant satisfaction, pop-ups, events, exclusives, one-offs and hard-to-finds. The issue is property, which needs to be more nimble in its response to the consumer and the occupier must be more flexible.“

Paul Hanegraaf, Creative Navigator of Milligan

Milligan’s Creative Navigator, Paul Hanegraaf made a bold call to the property world, when he spoke on the panel at The Built Environment Network’s Scotland Development Conference this month. Explaining how consumer expectations have changed, he stated that in order to keep up, the property world needed to be nimble and more flexible. As part of the lively panel discussion, Paul explained that consumers have needs, which are more functional and driven by value for example the food shop, clothing, household goods and their wants are driven by an emotional response. 

In an ever-changing world of retail, he said we should not submit to the chaos, but instead think about people and how we best serve their needs and wants.